2017 ACHPER Notes & Resources

Hi All,

Here are the presentation notes and resources, etc shared in my two presentations at ACHPER Vic this year. Unpacking Invasion Games & Unpacking Net/Wall Games. Feel free to download or create your own copies.

Unpacking Invasion Games

Unpacking NetWall Games

Google Sheet ASSESSMENT Sample

Invasion Games Google Form Assessment

Net/Wall Games Google Form Assessment

Invasion Game Level Up YouTube


ACHPER 2016 ‘Unpacking Invasion Games’

Hi All,

Here are the notes from my ACHPER presentation (Thursday 24th November 2016) Unpacking Invasion Games.

Google Slides Presentation notes. Click HERE

Alien Invaders Level Up Game explained…

Sample assessment drop down rubric and checklist using google slides. Click HERE

Beat the Buzzer

Beat the Buzzer is a series of ebooks I intend to create for PE teachers. Featuring QR Codes and Teacher Tube links. Students are challenged to complete a physical challenge as many times as possible in 60 seconds.

For more information, simply click on the link/s below and download the ebook.

Beat the Buzzer Volume 1. Partner Ball Handling. Click HERE to download.

ACHPER Assessment & Reporting Monday 16th April

Here are a range of assessment tools and strategies that I will discuss at the ACHPER Assessment & Reporting PD.

Google Sheets…

I have to say this is my favorite app! Google sheets gives me the flexibility to create my own rubrics and checklists, specific to my own needs. I usually crate them in Microsoft Excel first and then simply upload them to my Google Drive. There are many advantages to Google Apps:

  • Sheets sync to lap top and mobile device. Therefore you can print them easily.
  • Can be used on mobile device in “offline mode”. Therefore you don’t need to be in wifi range.
  • Can collaborate with a team of teachers on the one document.

Here are some samples of some rubrics/checklists I have created with Google Sheets…

Google Forms…

I personally use Google Forms to assess KNOWLEDGE usually in the form of a pre-test / post-test. Google Forms is a really powerful medium and the possibilities are endless! If you wish you can set up all your assessment rubrics and checklists using Google Forms too but the down side is that you need wifi access to fill in the forms.

AUSVELS PE Continuum: This one is still in excel format. Traffic_Light_Assessment_NO_Names


A really cool rubric based application for your IPAD. Set up your own classes and parameters.


This is an extremely comprehensive app. It encompasses pretty much all your organisational needs. From roll marking, to assessment, planning documents, student personal data. You can export all info into a variety of forms, email data to parents / students.


A powerful app for providing feedback to students. You can record students preforming a skill and compare to the performance of a pro. Teachers can also voice record anecdotal information and annotate the videos with diagrams and text.

Coaches Eye…

Another great video analysis tool for that allows you to voice annotate. Great for providing specific feedback to students.

BAM Video Delay…

A simple tool for providing meaningful and instant feedback to students during a PE class. Easy to set up and manage.

Pre and Post tests in #PhysEd

Dear Phys Ed Community,

I am writing this blog in the hope that I can get some feedback from my fellow PE teachers around the globe. Please have a read and comment below. I am genuinely interested in your opinions and if it leads to some healthy debate then that is great too.

I was approached by a long time PE colleague from a neighboring school last week and he was looking for some help with a task he has been set by his school. His school is in the process of developing a range of pre and post tests in all academic areas. I guess the idea is to get students to sit a sort of standardised test at the beginning of the year and then again at the end of the year to determine the amount of growth each student has achieved in each subject area. He tells me that the Maths teachers for example have already devised a 200 question test that covers each sub-strand of mathematics. He has been set the task of devising a test or series of tests that can test all aspects of Physical Education twice yearly to assess student growth.

My initial response was to suggest a couple of fitness tests eg, agility test and aerobic test and maybe an invasion game sense rubric that could be filled out. I am told that this would not be enough. He needs to cover ‘all areas’… Fundamental motor skills, fitness, game sense, athletics, aquatics, etc (the list could go on).

The more I ponder this task the more I feel it is unrealistic and potentially detrimantal to the student LEARNING. Keeping in mind that the primary (elementary) students only receive 1 hour per week of PE instruction and the secondary students receive 2 hours instruction. I feel that this type of approach would lead to way too much assessment and not enough time spent on teaching and learning which in reality is the only way we can influence growth and development.

For the record I am not against assessment. In fact I think it is a vital part of what we do as teachers. I just feel that it is extremely important that we find a balance between assessment and teaching time to optimise student learning.

So… Here is the question… Is anyone aware of or does anyone use an all encompassing test/s that are easy and time friendly to administer or is this task just unrealistic?

Any ideas are welcome 🙂

Assessment Rubrics & Checklists in #PhysEd

This blog is to share some resources that I presented at the Victorian Achper Conference on 28th November. If you would like to download the excel documents…

Here they are…

2014_Assessment_Checklists_Semester_1_NONAMES 2014_Assessment_Checklists_Semester_2_NONAMES


Google Sheets Offline

The great thing about using Google sheets is that you can access your assessment checklist from any mobile device. In fact, it syncs to all your devices including your computer. This way you can easily print your checklist whenever you need them – for me this is at report writing time.

A really handy feature of Google sheets is the “keep on device” function. Once you have opened your sheet on an IPAD you can select to keep it on the device. This way you can work on your sheet while out of Wifi range. I find this to be fantastic when I am assessing students on our school oval which is far away from any school hot spot. At the end of the lesson when I walk back into Wifi range, my devices sync automatically. It’s that easy!

Creating your sheets

I find it easier to create my sheets using Microsoft Excel. Mainly because I have used it for so long and feel comfortable with it. I can add in all my formulas and codes etc. Once I am happy with the document, I go into my Google Drive and upload the documents. Google converts the excel sheet into Google Sheet format with the click of a button. It’s really easy!

The only downside to Google Sheets is that at the moment they do not have a feature to change text direction as Excel does. I will need to alter my checklists to cope with this as when I convert to Google Sheets my vertical text moves to horizontal.