One Minute Workouts #PhysEd #pegeeks

One minute workouts is my latest creation. I’d been looking for a way to spice up an upcoming fitness unit and this is the end result. I have used task cards for many years in PE which are good but I have always been frustrated in that they don’t always explain the exercise/activity well enough for the students (particularly the younger ones) to work out what to do. Task cards don’t move.  If only I could have a virtual demonstration of each card to show the kids. So I set to work creating some short videos of each exercise as demonstrated online by my alter ego “Commando Dude”. Pretty lame I know and the costume not much better but the kids seem to think he is cool and they are motivated to participate so I have achieved my goal.

Each video consists of a short virtual demonstration of the exercise. Students can view and see clearly what is expected of them. After the demonstration there is a one minute countdown clock. The challenge is to complete as many reps of that exercise as possible in one minute. When the countdown clock finishes, students simply move onto the next exercise. Here is a sample of one of the videos for the exercise “Bicycle Crunches”.


QR Codes…

In recent times I have come to learn about the awesomeness that is QR Codes. I have created a series of QR Code task cards for the one minute workout exercises. Here is the link for the QR Code resource I created…


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