Assessment Rubrics & Checklists in #PhysEd

This blog is to share some resources that I presented at the Victorian Achper Conference on 28th November. If you would like to download the excel documents…

Here they are…

2014_Assessment_Checklists_Semester_1_NONAMES 2014_Assessment_Checklists_Semester_2_NONAMES


Google Sheets Offline

The great thing about using Google sheets is that you can access your assessment checklist from any mobile device. In fact, it syncs to all your devices including your computer. This way you can easily print your checklist whenever you need them – for me this is at report writing time.

A really handy feature of Google sheets is the “keep on device” function. Once you have opened your sheet on an IPAD you can select to keep it on the device. This way you can work on your sheet while out of Wifi range. I find this to be fantastic when I am assessing students on our school oval which is far away from any school hot spot. At the end of the lesson when I walk back into Wifi range, my devices sync automatically. It’s that easy!

Creating your sheets

I find it easier to create my sheets using Microsoft Excel. Mainly because I have used it for so long and feel comfortable with it. I can add in all my formulas and codes etc. Once I am happy with the document, I go into my Google Drive and upload the documents. Google converts the excel sheet into Google Sheet format with the click of a button. It’s really easy!

The only downside to Google Sheets is that at the moment they do not have a feature to change text direction as Excel does. I will need to alter my checklists to cope with this as when I convert to Google Sheets my vertical text moves to horizontal.


3 thoughts on “Assessment Rubrics & Checklists in #PhysEd”

  1. Thanks for sharing your Assessment checklists. I was at your workshop at ACHPER and have now find time to go through your website. Simply amazing!!


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