ACHPER Assessment & Reporting Monday 16th April

Here are a range of assessment tools and strategies that I will discuss at the ACHPER Assessment & Reporting PD.

Google Sheets…

I have to say this is my favorite app! Google sheets gives me the flexibility to create my own rubrics and checklists, specific to my own needs. I usually crate them in Microsoft Excel first and then simply upload them to my Google Drive. There are many advantages to Google Apps:

  • Sheets sync to lap top and mobile device. Therefore you can print them easily.
  • Can be used on mobile device in “offline mode”. Therefore you don’t need to be in wifi range.
  • Can collaborate with a team of teachers on the one document.

Here are some samples of some rubrics/checklists I have created with Google Sheets…

Google Forms…

I personally use Google Forms to assess KNOWLEDGE usually in the form of a pre-test / post-test. Google Forms is a really powerful medium and the possibilities are endless! If you wish you can set up all your assessment rubrics and checklists using Google Forms too but the down side is that you need wifi access to fill in the forms.

AUSVELS PE Continuum: This one is still in excel format. Traffic_Light_Assessment_NO_Names


A really cool rubric based application for your IPAD. Set up your own classes and parameters.


This is an extremely comprehensive app. It encompasses pretty much all your organisational needs. From roll marking, to assessment, planning documents, student personal data. You can export all info into a variety of forms, email data to parents / students.


A powerful app for providing feedback to students. You can record students preforming a skill and compare to the performance of a pro. Teachers can also voice record anecdotal information and annotate the videos with diagrams and text.

Coaches Eye…

Another great video analysis tool for that allows you to voice annotate. Great for providing specific feedback to students.

BAM Video Delay…

A simple tool for providing meaningful and instant feedback to students during a PE class. Easy to set up and manage.


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